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Super stylish, cutie pie, Miss J in Leilanni Land hand dyed ombre fringe necklace:


It’s no secret that I love Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense, hair, and makeup. Her outfits are so fun, simple, sexy, and stylish. A while back I saw a picture of Kim wearing a great blazer with a fringe top, so I thought I would recreate the look using pieces that could work for plus sizes.

First, this gorgeous fringe necklace from the etsy store Leilanni Land. This is so much more beautiful in real life. The colors are vivid and necklace is very well constructed. I love fringe and I think this is a great way to wear the trend if you are plus size, since you could just pair any of the lovely necklaces with your favorite tee or dress. I highly recommend these and the seller was so kind & professional. If you love these, you have to get one. I am going to buy more!

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